“Terrific! I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was more fascinating and useful and enjoyable all at the same time.”

Bill Bryson

“Mike Berners-Lee knows more about carbon footprints than anyone else in the UK. His book is a triumph – enjoyable, fun to read and scientifically robust.”

Chris Goodall, author of What we need to do now and How to live a low-carbon life

“If we’re serious about really addressing climate change, we need to become energy and carbon literate, and get to grips with the implications not only of our choices but also the bigger infrastructures which underpin the things we consume. How can we educate our desires unless we know what we’re choosing between? Mike Berners-Lee, to my complete delight, has provided just the wonderful foundation we need – a book that somehow made me laugh while telling me deeply serious things”

Peter Lipman, Director of SUSTRANS

“An engaging book that manages to present serious science without preaching. It offers tools that any reader will be able to use and make informed choices, and even seasoned eco-enthusiasts will be in for plenty of surprises.”

New Scientist

“This book is amazing. I was either going “wow” or snorting with laughter.”

Rachel Nunn, Director, Carbon Neutral Stirling